In the Mouth of the Lion

(feature length screenplay)
Won third prize in the Los Angeles-based African Film Commission’s storytelling
competition; was optioned but not produced. (First six pages of screenplay)

Hare Bay, Newfoundland

(magazine article)article about Hare Bay
Ever since reading Canadian author Farley Mowat’s books about Newfoundland’s southwest coast, it has been our dream to sail there. A couple of summers ago, the dream came true when my husband and I departed the Chesapeake Bay and headed north on our Morgan 38, Mary T. (Read more)

Exploring the Gambia

Sometimes life provides you with an experience that wakes you up and makes all your senses come alive. Going to The Gambia, West Africa with Professor Bill Roberts and the students of St. Mary’s College, Maryland was that kind of experience. I went to make a documentary film about the students’ adventure into a new world and see how it changed them. What I didn’t realize was how much it would change me. (Read more)

Cruising on the Mary T

Two days before we left Riviera Beach, we witnessed a near drug bust at the dock. A huge catamaran pulled in followed by Coast Guard and Police and Border Patrol boats. The captain of the cat was immediately hand-cuffed while a German Shepherd was brought on board to sniff out the contraband. (Read more)

Death of a Chief

Amy in Africa(first three pages of a short story)
I am at the Dulles airport Delta check-in counter frantically searching through my purse for my airline ticket. A sick feeling rises up inside me. I dig through my other carry-on bag, but it’s not there. My ex-husband,  Papis, watches me patiently. We’re about to fly to back to Senegal, West Africa via New York City to be at his dying father’s bedside. (Read more)